International ideas for small businesses and entrepreneurs

The best small business ideas emerge when we see the world differently. I want to ignite your imagination about the possibilities beyond your borders.


Hello! I’m Shawn. My purpose is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed in a global marketplace.

Starting a business is serious business. When properly planned and managed, a small business can be both financially and personally rewarding. However, failure can be catastrophic.

My goal is to help improve your probability of success.

During my military service in Afghanistan, I made a promise to live for making the world a better place. To keep my promise, I help small business owners to:

  • achieve their financial goals
  • strengthen their communities
  • protect the environment
  • live the best life possible
Setting sail at sunset in Santorini, Greece. An apt metaphor for international entrepreneurship.
Setting sail in Santorini

International Experience

In the years since Afghanistan, I’ve earned two master’s degrees. While in Germany, I earned a Master of Arts in International Relations.

A few years later on the Mediterranean island of Malta, I graduated summa cum laude with a master’s degree in entrepreneurship.

My wife, Tricia, and I have also traveled broadly. I’m now fortunate enough to say that I’ve visited over 50 countries on 5 continents. 

I look forward to sharing these ideas and experiences with you on this site and beyond.

Content Strategy

Since founding our content strategy firm, Chessboard Communications, Tricia and I have been helping entrepreneurs expand across borders. We help by:

  • Creating content in clear, concise, North American English.
  • Optimizing content for both search engines and people.
  • Delivering content to the right people, at the right time.

Learn more about how I can help create an international content strategy for your business on my page: ‘Hire Me — A Content Strategist’.

Explore My Blog

Expanding into international markets can be challenging. On my blog, I share ideas designed to help make sense of a business world with over 6,900 languages and 195 countries. 

Please feel free to subscribe to the blog and comment. I’m always happy to have constructive conversations. 😀