Shawn P. Mitchell

International business analyst covering trends in entrepreneurship, technology, and the environment. 

Currently near:  Munich, Germany

Hello! I’m Shawn. I research, create, and distribute content designed to achieve results – and I’m open to new opportunities. Follow me on Twitter for my latest content @shawnpmitchell.

International Focus

The world economy is roughly US$74 trillion, with the United States accounting for almost 25% of it. I’m intensely focused on that other 75%.

I’ve visited over 50 countries on 5 continents, served in Afghanistan, earned masters degrees in Germany and Malta, and was married in a castle dating back to the 13th century. I’m loving life and continue to be enchanted by the world around me.

My fascination with international affairs leads to frequent travel stories about cuisine, culture, and adventure. Have a peek at my YouTube channel trailer:


In 1910, Teddy Roosevelt gave a speech in Paris about citizenship in a republic, where he praised the ‘doer of deeds’, despite success or failure. This speech can easily be applied to the entrepreneurs that build new industries, create jobs, and reshape the world. 

I spent a year on the Mediterranean island of Malta earning a Masters in Entrepreneurship to better understand those who, as Roosevelt said, “spend themselves in a worthy cause.”


As a child, I learned to read while playing a text-only game called Zork. It required 4k of RAM on a Radio Shack TRS-80 personal computer.

Technology has been advancing at an exponential rate since then and I’m striving to stay ahead of the curve.


As a first-responder to the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, I am humbled by the power of nature.

We must endeavor to better understand the planet we live on and the universe around us to more effectively prevent and respond to the inevitable environmental challenges we’ll face in the future.

Science is the key to saving our “pale blue dot” – the only home we’ve ever known. I want to help in every way I can.

My Work

I am perpetually listening to the latest trends in entrepreneurship, technology, and the environment in order to create timely, informative content for the publications I work with. If you have a story idea that you would like me to pursue, please feel free to contact me.

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