Welcome! I’m Shawn.

I am a freelance writer and a co-founder of Eloquence — a content marketing firm. I help businesses attract new customers and investment.

My focus is on the accelerating use of robotics in global supply chains. The intersection of these ideas will dramatically change our world in the near future and add trillions of dollars to the global economy.

I am a former Supply Corps officer in the U.S. Navy and I’m passionate about efficiency gains through automation — particularly when they help to preserve our planet.

I speak a little Japanese, married my wife, Tricia, in a crumbling German castle, and I’m a cuisine, culture, and adventure enthusiast. My work and travels have taken me to over 60 countries on five continents.

Shawn P. Mitchell standing next to a statue in Pula, Croatia.
An afternoon at the Arena in Pula, Croatia.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the planning, creation, and distribution of relevant information to attract and retain new customers and investment.

My content specialties include:

  • blogs
  • articles
  • press releases
  • video
  • audio
  • infographics
  • case studies
  • white papers
  • e-books

My work has been published in various publications, including Business Insider, International Living, and Roads & Kingdoms.

My Blog

Creating content for my blog is a chance for me to freestyle and try different writing techniques.

My subjects are varied. However, they usually reflect the spirit of the times and what is on my mind.

Here are a few of my more popular posts:

Claude Monet's Twilight in Venice.
Fish on a Blue Background.
Picture of Split, Croatia with

My Videos

Video creation has long been one of my favorite occupations. While I still have much to learn about the subject, I thrive on the production process and look forward to making many more in the future.

Here are a few of my popular videos:

Current Location:

Near Munich, Germany

Featured Twitter Update:

Let’s Connect

Thanks for visiting. To learn more about me, please feel free to visit my about page.

Also, drop by my social media channels to see what I’m up to:

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