Welcome! I’m Shawn.

I am a content strategist and a co-founder of Eloquence — a content marketing firm. I help businesses attract new customers and investment. 

On my blog I share stories of international travel, technology, and environmental sustainability. I have visited over 60 countries on five continents, speak a little Japanese, and married my wife, Tricia, in a crumbling German castle.

Shawn P. Mitchell standing next to a statue in Pula, Croatia.
An afternoon at the Roman Arena in Pula, Croatia.

Featured Blog Posts

Here are a few articles to give you an idea of what you’ll find on my site:

Disposing of the Disposable Economy
Entrepreneurship: A Solution to Croatia’s Declining Population (button)
Hope Under Pressure (button)

My Videos

Video creation has long been one of my favorite occupations. While I still have much to learn about the subject, I find the production process exhilarating.

Here are a few of my popular videos:

Current Location:

Near Munich, Germany

Featured Update:

Let’s Connect

Thanks for visiting. To learn more about me, please feel free to visit my about page.

Also, drop by my social media channels to see what I’m up to:

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