Video: Thailand’s Ancient Capital of Sukhothai

Located about 400km north of Bangkok, the first capital of Thailand is worth a visit. Founded in the 13th century, Sukhothai means “Dawn of Happiness.” The historical park features 193 temple ruins. Here is my short video featuring a few of its sights.

For More on Sukhothai

If you’d like to learn more about Sukhothai, visit Tricia’s blog post for an image-rich article.

Since it has received UNESCO protection, have a look at the UNESCO website for more on Thailand’s ancient capital.






2 responses to “Video: Thailand’s Ancient Capital of Sukhothai”

  1. Great video Shawn, and one day soon I hope to walk the same paths of Sukothai as you both walked. Tell Tricia, she looked great in the Thai boxing ring (that was her, yes?!?). Wish you both continued adventures and happiness in your travels.

    1. Thanks, Randall! From north to south, Thailand is rich in cultural offerings. We look forward to getting back to the region, tasting the food, and honing our kickboxing skills. 😉

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