Selling the Mandarins

How do you encourage the largest group of tourists in the world to visit your destination? You sell them your Mandarins.

Travel in Mandarin China ground to a halt today after being inundated with a thick, toxic smog.

With visibility less than 500 meters around Beijing, flights were canceled and driving was discouraged, offering the people of this region little choice but to stay home at the beginning of a prolonged national holiday.

Pollution is rampant in China.

Birds are seldom seen or heard in the cities, fresh air and water are luxuries, and there seems to be little impetus to fix the problem.

That’s why cities like Boston are trying to lure Chinese tourists with their relatively clean environments.

Boston, despite its own urban challenges, understands that the Chinese living in a polluted, concrete mega metropolis for an extended period of time will develop a deep-rooted craving for nature.

So how do you capture a slice of the US$102 billion dollar tourist pie that represents China?

You market the fresh produce and pristine environments of your region.

You market your organic, Mandarin oranges.







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