The Allure of Marjan Hill

Crisp, fresh air and compelling scenery make Marjan Hill one of the most desirable outdoor destinations in the Mediterranean.

Cover Photo: The Gates of Split | Tricia A. Mitchell

My pulse quickened and I ran faster. The crunch of the gravel beneath my feet grew louder.

The cypress trees and Mediterranean agave began to clear, and the scenery that makes running in this park so alluring came into view.

Shimmering blue waves of the Adriatic sea were catching the rays of the evening sun, framed by the slender islands of the Dalmatian coast. This is the view from the south side of Marjan Hill, and it is one of the most stunning I have ever seen.

Marjan is an ancient hill that borders the city of Split, Croatia. It was the forested backyard of Emperor Diocletian when he retired here in 305 CE.

For 1,700 years the hill has seen war and peace, and the romance and intrigue that comes with being in a strategic corner of the Mediterranean.

Today, the hill is the favored walking, hiking, running, and cycling destination for the residents of Split. Trails of pavement, gravel, and stone weave through the park, offering hours of fresh air and invigorating exercise for all who seek it.

Marjan is one of the primary reasons Tricia and I repeatedly return to Split. Learn more about it in this post on Tricia’s blog.

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4 responses to “The Allure of Marjan Hill”

  1. Thank you Shawn and Tricia or this wonderful post, it seems like you lost your heart in Croatia. A few days ago I thought about you both, since I haven’t seen any recent posts of you, I was wondering what happened to you…. and here you are ….. happy wishes to both of you

    1. Thank Cornelia for the kind words! Tricia and I are doing great. 🙂 Yes, Croatia can be simply irresistible! We’re glad to be back. Hope all is well with you!

  2. “Shimmering blue waves of the Adriatic sea were catching the rays of the evening sun, framed by the slender islands of the Dalmatian coast.” This is such a poetic statement, and when matched with the video/music and scenic views…wow, I’ve had Croatia on my visit list for a decade and still… Wishing you and Tricia the best as you both continue your magical travels and journey!

    1. Thanks Randall! The Croatian coastline awaits! Hopefully another decade will not pass before you visit. 🙂

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