Create Your Own Virtual Tours with Google Street View

Have a look at this photo sphere of the San Marino Fortress in Europe:

Unfortunately, you’re locked inside the photo sphere and cannot explore further.

Now, have a look at a Google Street View photo sphere taken a few meters away that enables you to explore more of San Marino:

As you can see, Google Street View is a fantastic tool enabling travelers to explore a region prior to arriving.

However, in the past, it has usually meant that Google must deploy a camera team to photograph an area.

Now, Google is enabling us to create our own experiences in Street View.

From raising awareness of environmentally protected areas, to mapping the inside of a hotel or restaurant, Google is allowing us to connect our photo spheres together to create our own Street View experience.

Learn how to create your own Street View experience from Google’s blog post at:


“The Fortress of San Marino” Courtesy of






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