Fireworks and Fun: A Festival in Cospicua, Malta

Festivals in Malta are a big deal.

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Of the many things to do in Malta, partaking in a festa is a must. In the city of Cospicua, or Bormla as it is known locally, we attended the Feast of The Immaculate Conception.

This annual celebration features grand fireworks, tasty food, and is held along the town’s historic waterfront. Join Tricia and me as we take a snapshot of this unique DESTINATION.


3 responses to “Fireworks and Fun: A Festival in Cospicua, Malta”

  1. Hey Shawn, perfect timing! Just got online to start the New Year (had a nice sabbatical away from social media…more to do with work & travel than choice), and so it is fitting that I come upon your festival in Malta. Looks like an incredible time, and no surprise at all to see you and Tricia right in the middle of the action. Cheers to a great New Year!

    1. Hello Randall! It sounds as though we both have had a busy weeks. Although, I just had a chance to read your post on slowing down one’s perception of time ( and again find myself gob-smacked. Another masterful blend of imagery and prose! Tricia and I recently watched an episode of Anthony Bordain’s ‘No Reservations’ on Hokkaido and even saw a short Reuters news clip on the monkeys. Your imagery blew them both out of the water my friend. Glad you’re back in the saddle! Thanks again for stopping by. 🙂

      1. You’ll love Hokkaido – I’ve only been there in the winter, but have vowed to return for another winter – and also to see it in the summer, where the photos and stories I heard about it make it a surreal destination. A side of Japan that few see. I look forward to your thoughts about the area. Cheers to a warm winter ~ take care and happy trails!

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