Intellectual Americans and Their US$1.6 Billion

Today marks the beginning of Season 4 of the hit British drama Downton Abbey for our friends in the UK.

With luck, it will continue to hold its audience of 120 million people around the world.

The success of the series is certainly in the best interest of the country’s tourism industry, which witnessed a record US$4 billion in tourism revenue for the month of August 2013, increasing 23% over July 2012.

Nowhere is the success of Downton Abbey more important than in the American market, which represented the largest group of travel spenders visiting country estates and castles like Highclere (AKA Downton Abbey) in the UK.

Considering that this group of Americans spent over US$1.6 billion on their trips to Britain last year, it is important to recognize that media mediums like PBS that broadcast intellectual programming are where this more affluent demographic can be found. 

Perhaps a PBS documentary on the historical attractions of your region might be a great way to raise awareness, and tourism revenue.