Wine in the Shadow of the Kotor Fortress

In the shadow of the imposing Kotor Fortress in Montenegro, on a trail that has carried war, wine, and information for centuries, there is a man selling local wine. I decided to give it a try.

Anything but Boring for The Boring Company

Elon Musk recently invested $100 million into his tunneling venture, The Boring Company. The startup’s drilling technology could have profound effects on transportation, renewable energy, and mining.

A Plastic-Free Supermarket Aisle Opens in the Netherlands

According to a recent article in Inhabitat, the Ekoplaza supermarket chain in the Netherlands has opened a new aisle featuring 700 plastic-free products. The company plans to offer these products at all of its 74 stores by the end of the year.

YouTube’s First Video was Uploaded 13 Years Ago Today

In the past 13 years, YouTube has grown into the world’s predominant video platform and the second largest search engine. This article offers a few content strategy ideas for uploading to YouTube, including velocity, descriptions, tags, and cover photo.

Video: Thailand’s Ancient Capital of Sukhothai

Located about 400km north of Bangkok, the first capital of Thailand is worth a visit. Founded in the 13th century, Sukhothai means “Dawn of Happiness.” The historical park features 193 temple ruins. Here is my short video featuring a few of its sights.

Zippin’ in Pazin

The Pazin Abyss on Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula is a breath-taking geologic marvel. A centuries-old castle is built on its steep cliffs. Zip lines criss-cross the void. Here, staring into the abyss, you will find your character.

The Allure of Marjan Hill

Crisp, fresh air and compelling scenery make Marjan Hill one of the most desirable outdoor destinations in the Mediterranean.