A sunset safari video of our recent trip to the Addo Elephant Park in South Africa.

Elephants are magnificent creatures. They have the all-in-one power to make you laugh, cry, and be afraid.

You’ll laugh when they wave at you with their trunks.

You’ll cry when you hear stories of poaching and mistreatment.

You’ll be afraid when you feel their weight shake the ground next to you.

On this World Elephant Day, let’s take a moment to treasure these giants of the animal kingdom.

Here is a short video of my recent trip to South Africa, where we had the chance to safari through the Addo Elephant National Park.

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2 thoughts on “Exploring Addo Elephant Park

  1. Elephants are incredibly magnificent ~ and also for as big as they are, quite elegant as well with their personalities (and shyness). Great video, and nice you made this a family outing. 🙂 You’ve got a great voice made for a travel documentary!

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