With incredible profit margins, vending machines can be an attractive entrepreneurial opportunity.

Vending machines are a fantastic way to make money. Simply keep it stocked and empty the cash box regularly.

This automated store stays open 24/7, requires minimal manpower, and has low-overhead costs.

Plus, the profits on your products are often glorious. If the cost of a can of soda is $.25 cents and the market will pay $.50, you can see that the margins can be quite good.

While carbonated beverages and bags of crispy snacks have been available in vending machines for decades, entrepreneurs are beginning to explore new automated sales ideas.

For example, entrepreneurs at a Dutch university just developed a vending machine that will serve up piping-hot french fries at the push of a button.

This news follows on the heels of other recent breakthroughs like fresh burritos in a box, cupcake ATMs, and even packaged sausage dispensers. A raw sausage vending machine recently appeared down the street from me here in Germany, just in case I need to fire up a bratwurst at 3am.

Throughout the course of our travels, my wife and I have spent many hours waiting for buses, trains and planes. Often times we find ourselves standing and staring at giant billboards featuring tasty foods and drinks. However, the nearest shop that might offer something satisfying has closed for the day.

Perhaps an enterprising entrepreneur will see this as a problem to be solved?

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