As a purveyor of new technology applications, I recently decided to embrace the new Gutenberg user experience on WordPress. 

After a hair-pulling experience trying to manage my existing content, I quickly switched back to the previous visual editor. 

Yet, WordPress remained persistent in promoting the new interface, leading me to take a deep breath and try again. This time, however, I am using Gutenberg only for new content creation. So far the experience has been positive.

While I’m still not convinced of the value of the new “blocks” experience, I will continue to keep an open mind.

If you’re in Germany, take a detour to visit Gutenberg’s home town of Mainz and the museum dedicated to him and his contributions to the information age. 

My wife, Tricia, and I were there a few years ago and left feeling awestruck by how influential the movable type printing press actually was. We would definitely recommend a visit.

Facebook Marketing is Moving to Stories

Engagement levels are dropping on ads in Facebook’s News Feed as more content consumers turn to the Instagram-style Stories format.

Sunset in Sutomore, Montenegro.

Google is Experimenting with Public Comments on Search Engine Results Pages

With the impending demise of the Google+ social network, the company is looking to try a new approach to social media.

Twitter is Contemplating an “Edit” Button

A recent article in Fast Company suggests that Twitter is exploring the possibility of an “edit” button for tweets.

WordPress Continues Rolling Out its New Gutenberg Interface

The new Gutenberg interface on Wordpress is proving to be a challenge when managing existing content. However, new content creation is clean and efficient.

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