New SPM Website Launches

Web development can be stressful. This post outlines a strategy for this website — a new, calm environment dedicated to learning and coding.

Sunset through the window of a plane after takeoff.

This website has begun as so many have before: a WordPress annual theme, a “Hello Dolly” plugin, and a “Hello World” sample post

However, this site promises to be different. It will evolve beyond the 2021 theme into a creation I haven’t fully imagined yet. Even the purpose of the site may change.

Yet, I have a general direction.

Here is my initial strategy:

  • Purpose: To get hired as a Content Manager.
  • Target Audience: Entrepreneurs looking for help with their web presence.
  • Brand: Calm Web Development.
  • Content: Solutions to common development problems, creative inspiration, UX/UI Design, and a place to park my development portfolio.
  • Colors: Cool, calm hues of blue.
  • Google Fonts: Inter variable font.

Web development can be a stressful environment and code can be unforgiving.

That’s why I’m branding the site as a calming experience.

I want this site to be a tranquil place filled with reliable answers to everyday content management and development challenges.

I’d also like to have a place to share my travel stories when the pandemic is over.

To ensure that the site is fast, I’ve activated an advanced caching plugin, built the site on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and deployed it on the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN).

And that’s where we stand on day one of the new SPM website.

More to come!


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