Lean, Green, Last Mile Logistics Machines

Last mile logistics is the completion of the final leg in a product’s journey to a customer.

This last step in a supply chain is often filled with a great deal of uncertainty. Common challenges include congested streets, poorly marked houses, and whether or not the customer is even at home.

However, a number of new inventions are beginning to make the last mile a little easier to navigate.

Starship Technologies has designed a robot that will make last mile deliveries of everything from food and wine to laundry and light bulbs. The company hopes that it can still turn a profit even on the smallest of items.

Battery-powered scooters are becoming increasingly common in the last mile of delivery. Vehicles like the “Leo” from TUMCREATE in Singapore can navigate traffic jams and tight spaces.

It is not a stretch of the imagination to see these becoming automated in the near future.

Podbike is a eco-friendly company based in Norway. It was founded by Anne-Lise Heggland, a woman who spent many years in the oil and gas industry.

The company has designed a small battery-operated vehicle that is powered by human energy.

Small box warehouses in city centers could possibly use Podbikes to meet the increasing pressures of having a healthy and enthusiastic workforce while shortening delivery times.

Online shoppers are demanding faster delivery times and more environmental awareness. Battery-operated delivery machines will become an increasingly important part of meeting this demand.






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