Anything but Boring for The Boring Company

Elon Musk recently invested $100 million into his tunneling venture, The Boring Company. The startup’s drilling technology could have profound effects on transportation, renewable energy, and mining.

YouTube’s First Video was Uploaded 13 Years Ago Today

In the past 13 years, YouTube has grown into the world’s predominant video platform and the second largest search engine. This article offers a few content strategy ideas for uploading to YouTube, including velocity, descriptions, tags, and cover photo.

Hadrian’s Wall

A new robot named ‘Hadrian’ shows how quickly automation will disrupt the global workforce.

Hope Under Pressure

The world is locked into a supercomputer arms race. This is exactly what we need right now.

Create Your Own Virtual Tours with Google Street View

Have a look at this photo sphere of the San Marino Fortress in Europe: Unfortunately, you’re locked inside the photo sphere and cannot explore further. Now, have a look at a Google Street View photo sphere taken a few meters away that enables you to explore more of San Marino: As you can see, Google…

Google Maps Enters the 4th Dimension

Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus VR, the ongoing evolution of wearable computing like Google Glass, and the increasingly immersive experience of Google’s Street View, suggest that most travelers in a few years will have already visited a destination in virtual reality before arriving in person. Thus, for the successful tourism entrepreneur, enticing visitors will require…