The Exotic Entrepreneur

A trip to East Asia reveals an agricultural disequilibrium. For some entrepreneurs, that spells money.

A Grand Conclusion

The Mediterranean island of Korčula is the setting for a grand conclusion to my masters program in entrepreneurship. The Croatians once again prove to be remarkable hosts.

Green Malta

Malta’s green spaces are worth more than gold.

Springtime for Italian Innovation

Last spring, my wife, Tricia, and I had the opportunity to meet Camilla Rossi Chauvenet, an Italian Tourpreneur in Northern Italy. Her winery, Massimago, is challenging convention in the traditional viticultural region of Valpolicella. Nestled in the foothills of the Italian Alps, the Valpolicella wine-growing region is sprinkled with incredible Italian villas; a legacy of the heady days of…

Celebrating Bastille Day and Other International Holidays

Tourists always love a good party. If your destination is lacking a reason to celebrate on any given day, why not have a look around the world to see what hashtags are trending? For example, today is a great day to have a French-themed, Bastille Day event. Restaurants could offer a French-inspired dessert: Hotels could…