3D Transport Systems are Beginning to Take Off

Self-driving cars, trucks, and trains will soon begin revolutionizing ground transport systems. However, just as soon as humankind has incorporated robotics into two-dimensional logistics and supply chain systems, the third dimension will begin automating.

Amazon recently patented a skyscraper drone delivery system. This beehive-like building will deploy hundreds of drones to avoid terrestrial traffic and shorten delivery times.

With Amazon paying to patent an airborne drone delivery system for all of our material needs and wants, it becomes easy to imagine robotic air taxis shuttling people around. In fact, a pair of Italian companies have envisioned what this floating taxi could look like.

The three-dimensional revolution in logistics and supply chain management will not only take to the air, but will also be operating below our feet.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company is aiming to create an underground transportation network using Hyperloop technology.

Enormous amounts of money will need to be spent on global infrastructure in the years ahead. From existing roads, rails, and ports, to the three-dimensional technologies of tomorrow, the countries that invest in their infrastructure will be able to deliver products faster and cheaper.

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4 responses to “3D Transport Systems are Beginning to Take Off”

    1. Hi Cornelia!

      Many of the jobs that require repetitive actions will be going away in the next few years. However, new jobs will be created in the process. The challenge is that we need to retrain the workers that will lose their jobs. This will require enormous amounts of money and a commitment from many different parts of society. Here’s hoping we’ll see a concerted effort to improve global education systems to handle the increase in unemployment.

      Thanks for the comment! 😀

      1. Hi Shawn, thank you for your kind response. I guess I belong to a different generation, in order to wrap around my mind for such a future to come. I still believe in men/women hands on work , as a socializing working environment and not including the fear of unemployment. As at my age I can’t see the effort of putting that much money into such projects. Well, forgive me for my point of view, it’s all from different perspectives. And have in mind there is no criticism into at all. Have a great weekend with Tricia

        1. Automation is definitely both terrifying and fascinating at the same time. You’re absolutely right that we deserve to be free from the fear of unemployment as a result of this change. Here’s hoping the robots will create more jobs than they destroy. Thank you for the comment!

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