Marketing a destination as green is a smart strategy.

Pulled right out of a scene in The Sound of Music, this image of a wild flower meadow and the village beyond it draws tourists from around the world.

As the global population begins buttressing the 8 billion mark, this type of natural beauty is beginning to disappear. As China begins building a city that will have over 130 million inhabitants, it is easy to see why a place like Oberammergau, Germany, nestled in the Ammergau Alps, becomes attractive.

The Germans are leading the world in sustainable practices. From renewable energy to recycling, this country is a fantastic example of environmental stewardship. And this extends to their international engagement too.

So if you’re looking to market your tourism offerings to the Germans, remember the following 10-second video of a sunset in Oberammergau. This is what they think of when they think of ‘home’.

2 thoughts on “Sunset in the German Alps

  1. What a great shot to open your blog and that perfect video to end it. Yes, these great scenes of nature blooming around us are becoming rarer and rarer in the world. To visit such a place as Oberammergau, Germany where people and nature live (perhaps thrive is a bette word) together is an experience everyone should have and cherish. Ah, to live in the countryside…


    1. Thanks for the kind words Randall! I’m always amazed at the German propensity for environmental stewardship. Their recycling program alone is something the entire world should emulate. Here’s hoping the rest of the globe will catch on! 🙂


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